Campione – An Anime filled with Deep Mythology and Endless Action

If you are someone who is into the age long tales about gods and myths, then this anime will be perfect for you. Different gods from different ages will appear in Campione, such as Athena, the Goddess of War or Perseus, the first Hero of Greek Mythology. To summarize, Campione is about slaying gods (good and bad) while stealing their inherent powers to strengthen your own powers.

The story begins with a particular God Kisaragi, who had inherited the powers of Verethragna after defeating the Persian god of Victory. He would then go on to be a Campione, or God Slayer, whose job will be slaying Gods who would wish to do harm to the Earth. He will be accompanied by Erica Blandelli, a magical swordswoman & 3 other wives which I will not go into detail as I would spoil too much for the story.


Even though Kisaragi is granted the title of God Slayer, he does not go around slaying Gods to power up, but just does what he is supposed to in his daily life. However, when needed to protect someone, he does use his power as God Slayer to defeat heretical Gods; a typical hero who will gain the support of the people around him. This makes a compelling story for the anime as it does not deals with heroes killing demons, but heroes with the power of gods slaying other gods. Also, there are other Campiones (we were introduced to 6 others in the anime thus far) which will produce more dialogue & interaction between each of them.


The art in Campione was to my tastes with its stunning visuals, particularly reminiscing of the 21th century’s architectures and even the character’s movement and art are done up pretty well. Even in battles, insignias and spells are detailed where you will see that the artists and animators have covered even the normally neglected backgrounds. Sounds of the anime are great as well, with mostly fast paced tunes during battle scenes, which are appropriate. The opening and ending song are suitable as well.


The thing which I liked about Campione most is their wide array of special characters. Each character is distinctly different from each other in terms of what they wear and their manners of speech. You will soon begin to like every character as they are, in their own right, unique. There are aspects of Harem existing in Campione, which I am okay with, as harems are usually the first step towards boy & girl hilarity.


Causal viewers will love this anime, with parts of action, romance and fantasy being mixed into one melting pot of awesomeness. The main character is really strong, meaning that you will not have to experience a hero which wallows in his own weakness before standing up for himself. One aspect that is bad is that their story is a little rushed. With 13 episodes, they had squeezed in quite a lot of the content from its Light Novel, meaning that you might see things happen very quickly.

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