H2O: Footprints in the Sand

H2O (footprints in the sand), is one of the serious kind of anime I have watched, yet this makes the story interesting to watch even to the end.

The story revolves around a junior high school boy named Takuma, who have had a traumatic experience as his mother died when he was young. This made his life gloomy and he is sad all the time. Because of this he is transferred to a school far away from urban area with his uncle, were he meets three young girls. One of them catches his heart; she is Hinata, a firm and dominant girl. Then this is the start of his life’s metamorphosis. He started to see things in different view and started to laugh, smile, enjoy and experience life all over again. He does what other normal boys do. And here’s a thing, aside from these three girls, he has a friend and shall I say an invisible friend, who always pops out every time he is lonely, confused and being attacked by loneliness. This gives the young boy a new hope and courage to face life again.

H2O Footprints in the Sand

Until one day when everything was fine and seems perfect, a secret is revealed. Takuma discovered the reason of his mother’s death; it was because of Kohinata family, the family of Hinata, whom he loves dearly. This shook Takuma’s peace and lost his control to the point of hurting Hinata. This was serious; he was confused and angry with emotions controlling him, he can’t help it but he wanted to avenge his mother’s death. Just then the story discloses that all of Takuma’s seeing and experiencing are not real and just his illusion. He was already blind after his mother’s death and because of depression this leads him to lose his eye sight. Serious isn’t it?

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