Kuroko no Basket – Awesome Basketball Anime with Great Story

Kuroko no Basket (or Kuroko’s Basketball) is about a young boy called Kuroko (hence the title) who aspires to become the best basketball player in Japan using his own style of basketball. If you are a basketball player or avid fan of basketball, then this anime will be very good for you to watch as it details the story of a seemingly weak basketball player in his journey up to the top. The anime also details each of the positions very clearly, explaining each position out well.

Kuroko no Basket4

As you will watch further into the anime, you will find that this anime is not as shallow as you might first think as it introduces more characters, mostly friends and enemies to Kuroko. It tells of a story that combines friendship and teamwork together perfectly with the 2nd protagonist, Kagami where he and Kuroko work together to achieve more in Basketball.

One part that I liked about Kuroko no Basket is their great execution of plot and story, meaning that you will practically feel how each character felt like at one time, whether it is sadness or happiness. It also tells you that the story of winning is not easy; in fact it is tumultuous where you will have to accept defeats and learn more from them. If you would watch on further, you will find that the story will get better with each episode cumulating up to the final one.

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The Art from the anime is not particularly awe inspiring but certainly does enough to be fluid for a basketball anime. Like with other basketball animes like the highly popular Slam Dunk, you will find that on the court, every character is not rigid in the sense that you can actually feel the atmosphere during the match. For the sounds and music of the anime, you will be hearing some dub steps here and there with the in-show tracks being able to show how the game is flowing and the feelings of each player. The pacing is great and certainly does suit Kuroko no Basket.

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Each character in the anime also exhibits their own types of emotion and ambition, no matter evil or good, vividly. One ingredient which the anime constantly stresses on is the will to never give up no matter what. Throughout the show you may feel that some of the characters might have evolved or changed but that is just the beauty of the show.

Kuroko no Basket

In a nutshell, I thoroughly enjoyed this anime very much and am in the process of reading its manga. Even though I hardly exercise, this anime has the ability to inspire me to actually get out of my room and go exercise. The anime and manga are also successes in Japan so be prepared to see a 2nd season. Kuroko no Basket is certainly a great anime in its own right where people of all ages (I recommend it to young teens) can sit around the television and enjoy. If I had to give a rating, it will be at least 8.5/10 in my book.

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