Space Brothers – An Odyssey About Hopes and Dreams

Unlike any other action or adventure animes out in the vast market, Space Brothers is an anime that seeks to inspire people to seek their dreams. Even though this sounds a little cliché, but once you watch the first episode of this anime, you will find that it’s not true. By giving the viewer a little of optimism and hope each episode, the anime builds it up to the point where you will feel that not achieving your dreams is not just bad luck, but reachable when you try your hardest.

Space Brothers3

Moving on to the plot, it talks about 2 brothers, the older Mutta and the younger Hibito, both aiming for the elusive dream of being an astronaut. However, in the end, only the younger Hibito turns his dream into reality, while Mutta still holds a stable job but ran into trouble by getting fired. However, with encouragement from everyone around him, Mutta begins on a journey to become an authentic astronaut. Even though there are not many plot twists in the anime, the tumultuous journeys of each character are the highlights of this anime.

Space Brothers2

The main character, Mutta Nanba, represents how someone can drop to their lowest but still pick themselves up and regain confidence. In his journey along the path towards becoming an astronaut, he tried to give up many times due to hardships. However, like a true protagonist, he will pick himself up and grit his teeth to get through while conveying hope to the viewers. His eternal optimism is also infectious, even though he is already quite old; he retains that smile from his younger self.

Each character he meets along his journey is also pivotal towards his journey and they each contribute much to the story with each episode building up the next, making it very enjoyable to casual and hardcore viewers alike. These characters are very likable too, with no real antagonists in the anime to impede Mutta on his way.

Space Brothers4

Even though the art in this anime does not seem great with some characters being really ugly, the realistic and down to earth designs of each character give the viewers a sense of reality. There are no characters with weird hair colors or quirky eyes, further proving its authenticity of being realistic. Some might even feel that it is rough and sloppy but personally I feel that it suits the premise of the anime. The music and sounds in this anime is also very well sequenced and toned. Both the opening theme and ending theme are easy on the ears and not too fast paced; which are often reserved for action animes.

Space Brothers

If you are someone who enjoys action or adventure animes, this anime is not one for you as it contains almost none of that. However, if you would just watch the first episode and not judge a book by its cover, you will see that Space Brothers is truly one of the best anime which deserves to be called a classic with it being inspirational to everyone from kids to adults.

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