Watch Anime Online

Watching Animes online has become a big hit with many hurrying online to catch up with their missed television shows. Like most other forms of television shows available, it is plausible to watch them from your computer online with just a click of the mouse. This article will give you 4 sites which will provide to you anime fanatics the necessary dose of anime regularly.

1. Hulu

Watch Anime Online

If you are familiar with the American television scene, you might know about Hulu is a site dedicated for airing television shows that already aired, covering many popular channels from the United States like abc, fox and USA. Needless to say, Hulu also carries many popular anime shows like Naruto, Yu Gi Oh and Fullmetal Alchemist and with their blazing fast streaming system will allow you to instantaneously watch the animes you want immediately. Hulu’s easy to navigate interface is also a joy to use for those who are a little bit slow with the computer. Cartoon fans can also look forward to shows like American Dad or Family Guy which are hilarious in their own right.

2. Toon Zaki


Toon Zaki is a site created by 4Kids Entertainment with the main purpose of providing great quality animes coupled with variety. Toon Zaki is tailored towards the western audiences who crave for animes with more than a hundred titles available on their website. They carry scarce and obscure animes unknown to the western world like Letter Bee and Rio Rainbow Gate. Toon Zaki is also a no frills website where you will not need to register or pay and lastly, it is completely legal.

3. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll was originally a free site for people to upload videos and anime then be streamed out to the public. However, it has soon evolved and turned into a paid subscription type of site with many types of anime available. With it becoming pay to view, it has become completely legal & its arsenal of subbed animes is certainly one of the most impressive out there with the rest. Some of the new animes which are still not out yet in other sites are available in Crunchyroll, like Oda Nobuna no Yabou and Sengoku Collection.

4. The Anime Network


Our last recommendation will stop at the Anime Network. The Anime Network is a site dedicated to providing popular animes out to the masses, with licensed & exciting animes like the High School of the Dead or Infinite Stratos. The Anime Network is great especially as they have quite a large community existing in their forums and social media. You can receive updates on twitter by following their account or discuss about certain animes using their forums. Their Facebook is also regularly updated with recommendations for you. You will bound to make new friends who share the same hobby at their forum with over a hundred thousand users registered on the Anime Network.

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