5 Reasons Why I Love To Watch SonPari

SonPari was first shown in Star Plus and currently it is aired in Star Utsav and Disney Channel.

Mumkin Ko NaaMumkin Karde

NaaMumkin Ko Mumkin

Sonpari Jab Hal Karti Hain

Sabki Mushkil Hardin.

I am sure you remember this song which is the title song of Sonpari. Which means Possible is made Impossible and Impossible is made Possible when Sonpari (Golden Fairy) Solves the Problem of Everyone Everyday.

sonpariSonpari is a story of a young cute girl Fruty whose mom passes away when she is a child leaving her alone in this world. Fruty and Appy (Fruty’s Brother) are then alone with their Father, Rohit who tries to be their mom and dad but fails. Appy somehow handle himself but Fruty feels lonely without her mother and everyday go to terrace to talk to her mom who has become a star according to her and one day she accidently meets SonPari a fairy with golden wings who was once captured by Bunty and a mad scientist and Fruty saves the life of Dove not knowing that it was Sonpari who often comes to earth because she loves planet earth and so Sonpari offers her friendship Fruty accepts and her life changes.

sonpari1Soon their forms a emotional bond between Sonpari and Fruty and Sonpari becomes her mother not buy marrying Rohit but by the bond. Sonpari and Altu (a Genie) then helps Fruty in every turn of her life and saves her and her family from the clutches of Ruby, Rohit’s girlfriend who is behind his money and hates his kids. The Story continues as Rohit become rich and Sonpari is always with Fruty to help her.

son1Sonpari gives Fruty a magical which is used to call Sonpari whenever Fruty wants by rubbing it. Later after some episodes Sonpari comes to know that Fruty’s life is in danger as its predicted that she will kill Kali Pari who is a witch and who wants to takeover the Paristan where Sonpari and all other Fairy live. The Kali Pari tries to kill Fruty and Sonpari always saves her. This is how the story continues.

sonpari_5381Here are the 5 Reasons Why I Love To Watch SonPari :

1. I love Fairy and Magic.

When I was small I always wanted a Fairy after seeing Sonpari and I was in madly love with Magic and the stuffs did by Sonpari and Altu. Fruty is often saved by troubles by Sonpari so I wished I also had a Fairy like Sonpari whom I could wish for anything.

2. It gives us Determination and Dedication to face all the problems in life boldly.

The Show is really fantastic it will tell you how to lead your life if you have problems. As Fruty is always in trouble sometimes by school mates or by Kali Pari or by Ruby and his brother and it shows how Fruty fights all the problem though Sonpari is their to help her she sometimes she tries to solve her problem by herself which is really cool.

vivek3. The Show improves creativity and imagination.

The Show is really well made with all elements of magic and the story is well planned. It surely improves the Imagination and Creativity by seeing all these creative ideas in the show that is how the Paristan the world of fairy is shown how they show the magic trick etc.

4. The Show will make us Smile.

The show is kind off comedy show as their are many jokes in the show which are made by Altu and some friends of Fruty. Altu always try to amuse everyone in the show and is really a wonderful character of the show.

5. Fruty is really cute.

FrutyFruity whose role is played by Tanvi Hegde is really cute and sweet which attracts most of the children to watch the show. The way she acts is really nice and she is best fitted for her role.

This is why I watch Sonpari and i am sure most of the Indian Children watch it too. So only it is also shown in some parts of USA and other countries too. Though let me know your views about Sonpari and why you watch it.


  1. I LOVE YOU Tanvi Hegde

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