A Must Watch Serial – Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Shaka Laka Boom Boom was first aired on Star plus and now it is being featured in Disney Channel. As said in title Shaka Laka Boom Boom is a must watch TV serial. Its a right mixture of adventure, fun and magic. Shaka Laka Boom Boom is a story of a young boy Sanju and his magic pencil. Sanju is like any other boy who goes to school, loves playing and hanging around his friends Chandu, Titu, Jaggu, Parthoo, Ritu and Karuna. Chandu always wants to criticize Sanju as he is very popular and Sanju likes Karuna alot.

shHe leads a normal life with his friends until he finds a Magic Pencil and discovers that the pencil is a magical pencil and it has the powers make everything which is drawn in paper or anywhere to life. The story continues as Sanju figure out how to use pencil properly and comes to know many of its features. Though it can be misused Sanju only uses it for good deeds and to help others.

slbbSanju even sometimes get in trouble by the things made by the magic pencil but he manages to escape out. Sanju doesn’t tell anyone about the Magic pencil not even his family or friends but he is unaware the their are many people who are behind the magic pencil to use it for their evil ideas to take over the world.

tv1People like Kalicharan, Tiger, Sweety, Changu and Mangu are always behind Sanju when they come to know that he owns the Magic Pencil but fortunately Sanju succeed to save the magic pencil from these people every time.

slbb2Sanju once draws a boy accidently and the Magic pencil even makes the boy alive from the drawing and Sanju falls in deep mess later he calls the boy as “Jhumru” and they become very good friends. He hides the secret of Magic Pencil from the people saying that Jhumru is his cousin but as Jhumru is made from Magical Pencil he has magical powers too he can go through walls and read book by just keeping it under his head. The story continues with more adventure of Sanju,Jhumru and the Magic Pencil how they fight crime and Help others.

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