Adventure Time – A Cartoon that is Funnily Crazy

Adventure Time is a cartoon that is unlike other cartoons which are shown in Cartoon Network. Its art and character development are unique and nonsensical. But that is what separates Adventure Time from other cartoons. Enter Finn, a 14 years old kid who loves going on adventures, with his best friend, Jake the Dog. Together, they go on adventures each episode going against villains like the Ice King and the Lich.

adventure-time cartoon network

The graphics inside Adventure Time is much similar to other cartoons, especially SpongeBob Squarepants. If you had watched SpongeBob Squarepants, you will know of their hilarious facial expressions at time. That is what Adventure Time provides in abundance as well.


Voice acting and the music inside Adventure Time was also top notch with men like Jeremy Shada, John Di Maggio and Dee Bradley Baker helming the voice department. The voice actress doing Lady Rainicorn is someone who I would like to highlight as her Japanese was spoken very clearly and fluently, bringing a sense of authenticity into the show. Island Song is also a great ending song; you can sing it with your kids as the lyrics are very clear and easy.


Even though some might view this cartoon as a show that is not suitable for children, with the show using words like “sucks” and “fricking”, I feel that it is great for them. It will stretch their imagination, something many children lack nowadays. The show also caters to the mature audience with it making adult jokes here and there, even though it is still for children 100%. Another aspect of Adventure Time is that the laws of science that exist in our world does not apply to Adventure Time, so be sure to see some death defying physics inside Adventure Time that will surely tickle your funny bone.

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