American Dad – Racy and Comedic Cartoon depicting a CIA Family Man

Building on the great hit that is Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane has created another comedy cartoon, called American Dad. However, this time, the scenario is a little different; the main character, Stan, is a CIA man, surrounded by his loving wife and children, Steve and Hayley, and a talking alien living in the attic of his house called Roger.

American Dad2

For me, I feel that American Dad has better comedy than the whole of Fox’s line of cartoons. With its consistency and range of characters, you will never be disappointed. I mean, who does not like a hardcore principal who talks smut and smokes weed? Some episodes actually has story line progressing and fleshing out certain characters. It really gives more character developments to other characters outside of the main family without neglecting them.

American Dad

However, if you think you would want your kids to watch this show, think again. I do not recommend this cartoon to anyone unless they are above 14. Smoking, drinking and sometimes swear words find their way into the show’s script, but that is what makes the show even more comedic. The show will also cover racial inequality and class divide, even though they are in small doses. Art in American Dad is great as well, much like other animated shows under Fox. Overall, I would love to give this smashing hit a whole 10/10, however, that would be very biased of me. Thus, I will give this show a 9/10 because in the beginning of the first season, the show’s pace might be a little slow for your liking. However, do bear with it and enjoy the ride; the show gets much, much better in the second season and beyond with more edgy jokes and plots.

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