Ben 10 – An Alien Hero

Ben 10 – An Alien Hero that is what he is known as . Ben 10 is a American cartoon series created by “MAN OF ACTION”. Ben 10 is a story of a young boy who accidently get Omnitrix – A watch . Not a Ordinary Watch a Watch which can transform the wearer too any Alien which exist in this universe and can perform man more stuffs such as genetic repair etc .


Benjamin Tennyson also Known as BEN 10 discovers the secrets of watch and finds out that he can transform to 10 Alien monsters at starting unaware of the instance that he can actually change to millions of them. Starting he thinks its really cool to be a hero but later he finds out that many evil forces of universe are behind Omnitrix and he has to face them all .

But Ben 10 succeed in defeating them one after the other with the help of his Cousin Gwen and his grandfather Maxwell . The show has like a Science Fiction Movie where you can see many aliens and many planets.

Ben 10 saves the universe and also the Earth from the Hybrids who wants to destroy it and later he also meets the creator of Omnitrix Azmuth, who is also a alien and who adds all the DNA’s in the Omnitrix so that Ben can Transform to any Alien in this universe.

Azmuth (Inventor of Omnitrix) is surprised to see the Omnitrix with a Small Boy Ben and wants to take it back from him but changes his idea when he sees how Ben saves the universe. Ben 10’s Grandpa Max is a plumber . Not the one who does pipe fitting in our home but its a Secret inter-galactic force who saves the world from the Aliens and after Ben 10 gets the Omnitrix he helps his grandpa too and they together with gwen who has magical powers saves the Universe from the aliens.

Ben 10 at starting can Transform too these aliens

  • Heatblast
  • Wildmutt
  • Diamondhead
  • XLR8
  • Grey Matter
  • Fourarms
  • Stinkfly
  • Ripjaws
  • Upgrade
  • Ghostfreak

Azmuth the creator of Omnitrix is the grey matter alien in this . Later in my next posts ill try to post the pictures of all the aliens which Ben 10 can transform too.

Though The name looks Weird these are really cool aliens . Like Heatblast is a man with fire on his body and can burn anything within seconds. Grey matter is cleverest alien in this universe and upgrade can control any machines . XLR8 can move with speed of light and Ghostfreak as the name says is ghost and can go inside any human and control them.

Ben 10

Later Ben also gets to know many other aliens like SpiderMonkey( Monkey who is like spider has 6 limbs and 4 eyes can form web just like spider), BigChil( A alien who can freeze anyone in seconds), Ditto ( Who can clone himself and can multiply) and many more .

So the series continues with the action of aliens and Ben 10 . The series in India can be seen on Cartoon Network at 06.00 PM IST . So What are you waiting for go watch it now . Don’t forget to leave your comments about Ben 10.adios.

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