Big Time Rush : An All-Time Favorite TV Series

With a lot of people watching Big Time Rush, which also happens to be known as BTR, you would find that a lot of people have actually been turned into animation fans. With the different kinds of misadventures that have been quoted by four hockey players from Minnesota, that go by the name of Kendall, Carlos, Logan and James, the entire series had been focused upon the creation of a musical band, which would primarily be centered around a boy band. The entire animation industry has gone gaga over the entire concept of the animation television series, and it has become one of the highest-rated live-action series from Nickelodeon. It has been renewed for a third season, ensuring that a lot of people would be able to view their favorite animation characters on the TV screen for a few more years.

Big Time Rush

Focusing around extreme music and very good comedy, you’d find that it has been created by Scott Fellows, and has been able to garner over 7 million people as its active viewers during this period. The primary language that has been the basis of this animation character has been in English, and it has caught extremely good composers, in the form of Dusty Moon, Guy Moon and a lot more. With extremely good catchy tunes and brilliant opening sequences, the audience reception has been exceeding all expectations. Such kind of reaction has been un-witnessed for a very long time, and frenzy for more episodes has been brewing among the fans of Big Time Rush.

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