CBeebies – A Cartoon Channel for Tiny Tots

CBeebies is a famous TV channel started by BBC for kids who are below 7 years old. It was started on February 11th in the year 2002 by BBC. It is mainly used as a Cartoon Channel in the UK and also used for international standard variants favored by subscription or advertising or both. This brand was first established for small children but later the BBC has started another sister channel named CBBC for older kids. There are many programs telecasted in order to make children enjoy such as Get Set Go, Andy Day, Sidney Sloane and many more. The cartoon characters which appear in these programs are more popular among school going kids. Children get more excited when they watch their favorite character in small screen.


This channel has been listed and won many awards. It has won many awards from the year 2002 to 2009 at BAFTA Children’s Awards. It has won awards such as best pre-school action series, Best school program and a lot more from Royal Television Society in the year 2005. This channel is telecasted all over the world in various countries such as United States, Mexico, Canada, European countries and etc.


Get Set Go is the opening program every day in this channel. And it is followed by Discover & Do. This program helps the kids to gain more knowledge on science and world. It is telecasted from 9 A.M to 12 noon. This program is presented by Pui Fan Lee and Chris Jarvis. The adventures of Teal and Abney is a kid’s TV program that uses a mixture of both 2D and 3D version based on the novel of famous writer Joel Stewart. This show deals with the great adventures of two friends named Teal and Abney. This play takes place in a series of small islands on a lake in an unknown city. They share the environment with many friends at various part of the program. This show was first broadcasted on Sep 2011 in the UK. It is produced by Ragdoll Productions in combine with Fox Studios. This program has become more famous from the beginning of its telecast.


Big Fun Time is a program begins at 14.00 and ends at 18.00 Hours. This program shows funny videos and makes children to laugh from their heart. It is anchored by Sidney Sloane and it is Co-Hosted by Andy Day in the weekends. Big Fun Time is followed by Bedtime Hour. This Program shows adventure and historic stories to kids so that they can be educated about the personal development skills and historic facts as well. This program includes some calm natured programs such as “3 & Bird”, “In the Midnight Garden” and “Lola & Charlie”. This particular part of CBeebies commence with a song called as “Goodbye to Sun, Hello Moon”. Chris Jave sings a song known as “Its time to say Good night” at the end of the program. After this song, the channel ends its telecast for the night session.

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