Chaplin – Charlie Chaplin’s Animated Version by POGO TV

POGO TV one of the kids favorite channel has brought the greatest comedian of all time “Charlie Chaplin” as animated in their brand new series called Chaplin. Now Pogo can be proudly referred to as a Laughter Channel due to series such as Chaplin, Mr. Bean and Just for Laughs Gags. Such series not only entertain kids but also entertain Adults. It’s a good strategy to keep the whole family glued in together to watch the channel. Chaplin is going to have 104 episodes and each episode will be about 6 minutes long.


Charlie Chaplin, who became famous during the world war 1 used Mime, Comedy, Silent Films to entertain the people. Chaplin entertained people for over 75 years due to his creativity in the field of silent films. Till today Chaplin has been regarded as one of the best and biggest comic icon in the world. He has millions of admirer and fans. Its really good to see Chaplin as animated in Pogo TV. It makes the series even more fresh and entertaining. The character is very cute and does the work on Chaplin very cleanly and nicely. The appearance of Charlie is same with the cane as is Trademark, bowler hat and the toothbrush moustache. Chaplin is hence ready to take on the world with humor, adventure, comedy and dignity.


The TV broadcast rights of the Charlie Chaplin has been acquired by Cartoon Network Asia for airing the 104 episodes. It will be aired in many Asian countries including India. Chaplin is being aired on POGO TV at 9 A.M IST. So don’t miss the adventure, action, comedy and humor of Chaplin on POGO TV.

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