San Diego Preps Up For Comic Con 2013

For all cartoon connoisseurs, nothing is better and bigger than Comic Con International. This Comic Con International is multi-genre convention which is held every year in San Diego. Started in 1970, it was known as the Golden State Comic Book Conventions by a group of enthusiastic San Diegans and since then it has gained mammoth proportion.

  • About San Diego Comic Con 2013

The world is now looking forward to the San Diego Comic Con 2013 which is slated to start on July 18 and concludes on July 21. July 17 is the Preview Night. The best thing about San Diego Comic Con is that it gets bigger and better every year and each year the tickets sell out even faster. After all it is the grand daddy of all!

  • Events included in San Diego Comic Con 2013

The events that are scheduled for San Diego Comic Con 2013 include seminars, panels, and workshops with renowned comic book professionals. There will also be previews of upcoming movies and a Portfolio Review Session by some of the very best video game and comic book companies.

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Other interesting events lined up for the San Diego Comic Con 2013 are costume contests, masquerade parties and a few award ceremonies. However, the biggest attraction of the event this year, like all other years, is the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, which showcases screens feature length and short movies that do not have distribution deals or distributions.

  • Going to San Diego Comic Con 2013

San Diego is prepping up for the Comic Con 2013 and the tickets are already selling out like hot cakes. The tickets for Comic Con basically are included in the pre-registration process. This includes registering online for a Member ID and then purchase a badge when it goes on sale through the EPIC online registration. Interested people are sent a barcode confirmation email in exchange of the badge.

  • The new battle

San Diego Comic Con 2013 tickets are sold out almost instantly and comic enthusiasts from all over the world are now fighting a new battle. This new battle involves getting a suitable accommodation in San Diego during those five days. In fact, people have already started making hotel bookings for the month of July, 2013.

Cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con 2009

  • Lines everywhere

When you go to the San Diego Comic Con, the first thing that you will notice is the number of long queues full of excited chatter and geek talk. In fact, there are serpentine queues even at 5 AM in the morning. The queues are a wonderful place where you can get to know your fellow Con-lovers.

  • Find a Con-veteran

The buzzing preparation for San Diego Comic Con 2013 involves first time Con-goers trying to find out about Con-veterans who would accompany them to the Comic Con. Flying blind can be very difficult at the San Diego Comic Con; therefore first time goers should always team up with someone who has been there and done that.

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  • Plan the day

Preparation also involves planning each of the days in advance. However, the list of ‘To Do’ things should be your back up plan and you should take your final decisions after 11am, every day at the Comic Con.

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