Doraemon Gadget of the Week – Go Anywhere Door

Doraemon is one of the most successful cartoon right now. Children are just mad for doraemon and his gadgets. So i decided to write about Doraemon Gadgets every week trying to cover most of them. I hope i can bring find some really cool gadgets and write about them. First comes the “Go Anywhere Door” or “dokodemo” which means Anywhere.

doraemon cuteI am sure if you watch Doraemon you would have seen that gadget for sure. It is shown in most of the episodes. A pink color door which can take you anywhere in this whole universe. Just stand before it and wish where you want to go and it will take you their. Seriously an amazing thinking by the makers of Doraemon. It is used by nobita for his wicked ideas, sometimes to help Shizuka and sometimes to take revenge from Jiyan and Suneo who always trouble poor nobita. But its shown as under repair in most of the episodes, well i think because they want to show the people the other gadgets also.

go-anywhere-doorBut i think Go Anywhere door is one of the best gadget in the cartoon series. Just wonder if we had Go Anywhere Door in real we could go anywhere we want in fraction of second. It could reduce traffic and their would be no vehicles on road itself. But it had bad side too in terrorist activities. Well i am not really sure it would be good or bad but i would love to have it and travel the whole world not only world but the universe and roam around as wanted. really a cool gadget i don’t think anyone will invent it lately but we can always imagine. So i believe Go Anywhere Door is a awesome gadget. Next time ill write about one more amazing gadget from Doraemon Cartoon series till then adios. Do let me know your views about Go Anywhere Door.


  1. Doraemon Fan says

    Hi, Just got a question here.
    Why won’t nobita use the anywhere door for going to school everyday? Didn’t they think of that everytime he is going to be late for school?

  2. Nobita is too dumb to think of that. Doraemon was still sleeping most of the time. Also Doraemon doesn’t want Nobita to rely too much on the tools (contradicting I know)

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