Family Guy – A Must Watch Animated Series

Family guy is an American television program which is an animated series and was designed by Seth MacFarlane which was owned by the fox broadcasting company. What actually can you see in this series is a disoriented family, this particular series mainly centers on griffins. The family consists of parents named Peter and Lois, with their children Meg, Chris and stewie and along with this number there also exists their pet dog named brain.


Production staff of the family guy includes many executive producers among them one is Seth MacFarlane, who has also created some animated series previously named “ The life of Larry ” and “ Larry and Steve ” . The other producers include Daniel pal ladino, lolled arise, and David Zuckerman, David a Goodman, Alex Bornstein.

Talking about the voice cast all the four voices were personally given by the creator himself i.e. by Seth MacFarlane as he was well versioned and as it would be easier for him even as he know the compact and he might portray it easier and better than anyone else. He gave his voice to the characters named peter griffin, brain griffin, and stewie griffin and glen quagmire. While other voices of characters done by many as Alex Bornstein voices for griffin, Asian correspondent Tricia takanawa, Loretta brown, and also to Lois’s mother Barbara pewter Schmidt. And the voice for Chris griffin, Neil Goldman was given by Seth green while Mila kumis gave her voice for meg griffin and mike Henry to the characters Cleveland brown, Herbert, greased up and deaf guy.


The setting of the show was taken mainly from the streets distinct to Rhode Island which was similar to real world. He also used the same street names in his show such as Pawtucket and buddy cianci.

The leading characters of the show are played by some of the fabulous people. The main story or the series move around the adventures of the family of peter griffin. Peter is an Irish American catholic and his wife Lois is a stay at home mother and she is a piano teacher. Peter and Lois have three children meg, their teenage daughter how lacks popularity as most of the times she stay at home and the other Chris, their teenage son, who is fat thinks that he is very intelligent but actually he is not and the last one stewie who has adult mannerism but he is actual an infant. And with all them there is one more number that is brains their dog how engages with human conversations though he is still considered a pet in many respects.


Awesome Music is also included in this play mostly in the form of musical numbers. This music numbers are include for both in the episodes as well as for comics effect. There are two songs in this family guy play like “My Drunken Irish Dad” from peter and the other was "You’ve Got a Lot to See" was by brain wallows and peter swallows.

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