Franklin and Friends : Reinforcing The Value of Friendship and Family

Franklin and Friends has its origins in some of the popular books churned out by children’s writers Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois. The characters of the show come straight from the books. The show is mainly about Franklin (Graeme Jokic), who is now a confident and grownup individual, going to experience the various facts of life in the company of his friends in the neighborhood. Together, the group undergoes through ups and downs as they make their way through school and playtime. Some of the other characters of the show include Rabbit, Snail, Bear and Beaver. Franklin lives with his family while a new character named Aunt T is introduced later.

How Good Is It?

Franklin and Friends2

Franklin and Friends can be termed as a spin-off of the ever popular Franklin. The latter was an immense hit among preschoolers as they enjoyed the show’s delightful stories and various characters. The spin-off on the other hand is a lot more vibrant series with dollops of CGI thrown in. This definitely helps it score over the original series.

Another great aspect about Franklin and Friends is the likeability of its characters. Kids who first saw them on TV or books will take no time in transitioning to the series. Franklin and his troupe are a lot wiser now but that does not stop them from facing some problems every now and then.

Reinforcing Value of Friendship and Family

Franklin and Friends

Through the many problems that Franklin and Friends face, the common thread of friendship and teamwork is constantly visible. In spite of having disagreements within the team, the characters manage to get over them and also rid of all the troubles that come on their way. They also turn to their parents for help and advice when more difficult problems knock the door.

The series is great at making kids realize the values of community, good citizenship, friendship, and social skills.

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