Goosebumps – One of the Most Loved Horror Show for Kids

Goosebumps is basically a Canadian kids omnibus horror show which is derived or is based on the famous book Goosebumps written by one of the famous authors R.L Stine. This show is currently being aired on channel Disney XD and is considered to be one of the most loved shows amongst kids all over the world. It is basically a collection or compilation of different stanzas and stories of the famous reading novel Goosebumps.


The show Goosebumps was started in the year 1995 and was only aired in Canada and United States of America on the channels YTV and Fox Kids. Initially in Canada, this show was aired in two different languages which included French and English. This became popular and succeeded for three years. Later on in the year 2007, Goosebumps took popularity on Cartoon Network and this was the time when this show was aired worldwide on the channel Cartoon Network.


Normally, the opening part of this show has a man dressed in black clothes and is walking up a hill holding a brief case in his hands. The name of the show is engraved on the briefcase and the man walking up the hill is R.L Stine who is the author of the book Goosebumps on which this show is based. As the man reaches the top of the hill, the letters of word Goosebumps from briefcase fly to the city making everything Evil. Everyday a new story is being aired on the channel Disney XD nowadays and is very much loved by the kids all over the world.


The show Goosebumps is being aired worldwide making the kids happy in every corner of the world. The running time of the show is 22 minutes and has various distributors which include Saban International and also 20th television. Though the show is based on horror genre. It is not as scary as other movies or shows which belong to horror genre. As the show is particularly designed for kids it does gives you Goosebumps in some stage of the serial but it doesn’t make you scream or get scared of anything involved. The show is filled with suspense, thrill and most of the times the ending is just extra ordinary which would definitely amaze most of us. Overall the show is a complete package of Mild-Horror, Thrill, Suspense and Comedy.


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