Gravity Falls – A Brand New Series on Disney Channel

The series of Gravity Falls has been introduced by Disney production. It is suitable for young children and teenagers. Gravity Falls is broadcasted on Disney channel for 22 minutes and is yet to telecast new episodes. It is one of the latest American animated series. It is created by Alex Hirsch. The series are comedy and as well as adventures.

gravity falls3

The story plots on the adventure of twin brother and sister, who are dispatched to great Uncle Stan in a weird little town in North West Pacific called Gravity falls by their parents. Uncle lived in and runs a Mystery Shack which is a museum and a tourist spot too. It is overcharged for a glimpse. But twin brother and sister Dipper and Mable felt something strange about this and they were curious to know about it. They were dependent on each other to find their way out in this unfamiliar and weird town.

gravity falls2

Dipper is twin brother of Mable. The character of Dipper is adventurous, conventional, smart and restless as he is curious to solve puzzles and unwind the mysteries. Dipper’s sister Mable is girly types, energetic basically a glass half full girl. She is interested into pre teen novels. Her personality is defined as helping her brother even when she was unaware about the situations. Uncle Stan is the owner of Mystery Shack museum. He earns money by odd means, Loves them unconditionally and go to any extent to earn money. 


The various voice plays makes it more humorous for young children as well as adults. The synopsis running below the series is readable by elder people. This show is telecasted once a week as in currently and we hope they soon telecast it daily or more often an week.


  1. Catherine Litton says

    I love this show!!!!! It’s so funny and Awesome!!!!! 🙂

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