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Hero 108 was a recent addition to Cartoon Network’s endless lineup of animated shows that aired on the channel on the 1st of March 2010. The animated television show is outrageously adventurous, set in The Hidden Kingdom where human and animals seem to be at odds until a group of heroic young guardians decide to put an end to all the animosity. The television show is a loose adaptation of the 14th century Chinese novel Water Margin.


Hero 108

Humans and animals lived in unity a long time ago. Eventually the animals were hypnotized by the cunning High Roller into believing that the humans were their foes and therefore altering the peaceful environment of the kingdom.

To make peace between the humans and animals, The Big Green is set up in The Hidden Kingdom. Lin Chung (a.k.a. Panther Eye), Jumpy Ghostface, Mighty Ray and Mystic Sonia are the members of the First Squad, who are the top-notch warriors of The Big Green. Bringing back the peace of The Hidden Kingdom is the main aim of the First Squadron and Ligers that breathe fire, Zebras that wield magic lanterns, are the foes standing in their way. Apart from the members of the First Squadron, the rest of the characters of this animated show include Commander ApeTrully, Woo the Wise, who are a part of The Big Green, as well as the two main villains, HighRoller and the Zebra Brothers.


This animated television series is like no other combing action with comedy, making it highly enjoyable for kids.

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Hero 108 : Games and Episodes Online

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