High School DxD – An Entertaining Anime That Mixes Fan Service With Plot

An anime that is full of fan service is mostly shallow with their almost inexistent plot. However, this is not the case with High School DxD. Set in modern Japan, the protagonist, Issei Hyodo, is a high school student studying at Kuoh Academy. He is lecherous (a trait present in protagonists of many fan service animes) and was seemingly killed by a girl on the pretense of a date. He is then revived by a busty third year girl, Rias Gremory, to serve as an underling under her.

Highschool DxD

The anime is beautiful where the bodies of the ensemble are accurately portrayed. There are no uneven body shapes or lazy animation. Each aspect of the characters, from movements of the joints to the blinking of the eyes, is alluring. Even the shadows of the trees, people are meticulously designed. You would have to give it to the animation staff. The girls in the show are also very cute and beautiful, with different hair colors to identify them.

Each episode of the anime constantly builds up to a large plot. For example, the happenings from episodes one to four cumulate to the ending that they have in episode five. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, since building up correctly will give the viewers a bigger pay off at the end of the arc.

Highschool DxD3

Another good point about this anime is the integration of Japanese folklore and myths. Yokais (demons in Japanese) like the nine tailed foxes are frequently mentioned in Japanese folklore and this anime certainly introduces some of these mythical creatures to the audience; allowing them to learn something new. It also introduces Nordic legends like Dainsleif, a sword wielded by king Hogni.

The music in Highschool DxD is also very catchy and alluring. Their ending song, called Study X Study, is a fast paced Japanese song that combines the modern upbeat tune and impressive psychedelic visuals.

Highschool DxD2

However, some might dislike the raunchiness of the anime, where the fan service given to the viewers may be seen as “excessive”. Exposing of panties and bra are just some of the fan service that this anime provides and parents might not like their children watching such brazen display at a young age. Another fact that I dislike about this anime is the slow continuation of the light novels’ plot. Some animes are created from popular light novels and High School DxD is just one of them. However, it only covers the expanse of 2 volumes with 13 episodes. There are already 13 volumes out with more to come and I feel that it will take some years before the anime can fully encompass the entire light novel collection.

Highschool DxD4

All in all, I feel that Highschool DxD will be a worthy watch for anyone who likes fan service or incredible visuals. The plotline is strong as well and you will find yourself rooting for the protagonist as the show goes on. However, keep away if you have strict parents as they might bar you from the computer if they see you watching such lascivious shows.

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