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iCarly is focused on a teen girl named Carly Shay. She is the host of her own web show. She leads a pretty normal life. She creates her own live action integrated web show called iCarly with her friends Sam and Freddie. The website becomes a big hit in no time. The show is currently being aired on Nickelodeon channel. The show was originally taped in English language and it was aired in number of other countries.


iCarly follows Carly and her friends through hilarious adventures in teenagerdom as they grapple with school, friends and teachers. The show features talent contest, recipes, problem solving and random dancing. Her brother Spencer is artistic, source of comedy and inspiration. Carly and her friends maintain a perfect balance with their success and everyday problems. Carly’s parents doesn’t stay with her and stays elsewhere. She lives with her brother. She is a fairly good girl. She does get into the trouble but she is usually trying to get her friends out of trouble.


The show is a hilarious and full of comedy. It has very good and funny jokes. The characters are very realistic and likeable according to the play. There are some clever storylines and even few touching moments.


The show is finally coming to an end after its six seasons. Teenagers crush is a big subject on this show. It is important to note that characters encourage kids to submit their videos and ideas on this web show. iCarly contains a moral- Be a good friend and follow your dream.

iCarly Videos and Games

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