Jungle Cubs – Back Again!

The Jungle Cubs was an entertaining animated series from the Disney productions. It was a great hit of the year 1996. The story was actually based on a film named The Jungle Book. The most important thing about this animated film was the variety of animal characters, having different temperaments. Now, again it is starting on 23rd march, 2012 on the channel, Disney Channel.

Jungle Cubs3

Talking about the theme song of the show, it is an energizing hip hop version, based on a classic hit “Bare Necessities”. The characters are the evidence of great creativity from the film producer featuring, Baheera who is a solemn and sensible panther, Baloo who is quite cheerful and caring bear, The jungle king Louie who is an active Orangutan, Shere Kahn who is a scrawny Bengal tiger, Kaa who is a hypnotizing Python, Hathi who tries to keep the animals united and Winfired who is Hathi’s wife.

Jungle Cubs2

In this second season, all of the animals become a bit older as well as far from each other. They remain great friends though, but actually the new season portrays that how they get more incline towards their personal lives and spend less at the House of Cubs. Louie turns quite wrapped as a jungle king and became less close to his best friend Baloo. The Bagheera turns out to be more uptight and serious than the first season. Hathi becomes more close to his wife Winfred. The story also describes that how Shere Khan spends more time on hunting and with the passage of time, he becomes more annoying with other cubs. His aggression with Louie is another twist of the story which will definitely touch the children’s heart.

Jungle Cubs

The story gives a lesson of self respect, friendship and many other strong traits in order to influence the young fellows and at last, it is a must watch for the children!

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