Little Bear: Teaching Children to Lead a Better Life

Little Bear is a family oriented as well as an educational animated series for children starring Kristin Fairlie as the little bear. This show currently airs on Nick Jr. in USA and on Treehouse TV channel in Canada. It was originally produced by Nelvana for Nickelodeon. The writer of this show is Nancy Barr. Original run of the series was from November 6, 1995 to October 2003 where 5 seasons were aired. A full length movie by the name “The Little Bear Movie” was also designed after the series became hugely popular. Little Bear has a concise plot perfect for young viewers. The series is simple and family oriented.

The Cast

Little Bear2

The series has a long line of cast. Little Bear’s family comprises of Mother Bear, Father Bear, Grandmother Bear, Grandfather Bear and Rusty Bear. Emily is Little Bear’s human female friend whose family has Granny, Lucy and Tutu. Then there are Little Bear’s friends Owl, Cat, Duck, No Feet and Mitzi. Other characters include Otters, Mermaid, Frog, Moose, etc. People who love animals will really enjoy these animated characters who befriend Little Bear.

The Plot and Episode Format

Little Bear

The characters are chiefly anthropomorphic animals that show both human and animal behaviors. But in the episodes, human concerns and problems are generally addressed and dealt with using these characters. The episodes have no fixed recurring format but revolve around these characters presenting some story.

People can learn what it would be like to play outside like Little Bear and his friends always do instead of representing the robotic life that we lead. The rest of the time goes by when having picnics and go-outs. Playing croquet and swimming in the local pools are a part of daily life and probably the most beautiful aspect of this series-Little Bear.

Little Bear Games

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