Mighty Mouse : The Magical Mouse

Mighty Mouse is a very popular animated series which was created by Terrytoons Studios. The mighty mouse made his first ever appearance in the year 1942, and continuously appeared in nearly 80 films from the year 1942 and 1961. These films appeared later on American television from 1955 to 1967 through CBS network channel and it gained more popularity all over the state. This cartoon animated character was designed by two great people named Ralph Bakshi and Filikis. They both worked together at the studios of Terrytoons. Mighty mouse has also appeared on the television for commercial ads such as for cheese, milk and chocolates.


The character mighty mouse was originally obtained from the comic named Super Fly. Izzy Klein narrated it. Super Mouse is the original name of the mouse. Later it was changed due to various reasons and we surely love the new name. However, the name Mighty Mouse also had some issue with trademark of Apple but apparently it was solved later. Mighty mouse was first designed with red cap, red trunks with blue costume. But most of the people started comparing it with Superman Costume and hence the designers started thinking of changing the costume of mighty mouse. Later the costume was changed to a yellow dress with blue trunk as according to the latest trend and it was simply loved by the public. Overall Mighty Mouse is an entertaining cartoon, which has the right mixture of comedy, action and adventure.

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