Ni Hao, Kai Lan – An Excellent Show to Watch for Toddlers

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan animated series is based on the writer’s experiences from her childhood. Kai-Lan is the main player who is surrounded by her friends and grandfather, Ye Ye. Throughout the show, Kai-Lan uses English and Mandarin, a Chinese language to express herself. The implication is to bring in an element of mixed cultures within which the writer was brought up. Kai-Lan has animal friends such as the ants, Mr. Sun, Lulu, Hoho, Tolee and Linto.

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All of the Kai-Lan’s friends are within the age of preschoolers. With these friends she plays games and speaks to them while carrying out an activity. The show attempts to capture the attention of young children by teaching them to pronounce the words which are repeated by Kai-Lan. It also seeks to heighten their ability to solve the problems on their own. This animation was aired on cable network, Nickelodeon and on a Canadian channel, Treehouse TV. A number of seasons were produced from the year 2008.

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

Although the show is made in a way as to imply that it is shot in China, it was originally shot in an American setting in China town, California. Moreover, a number most of the cast are not from China. Kai-Lan was in fact born and bred in central California and only attempts to recreate what would be a Chinese experience. In the show, Ye Ye comes in to teach Kai-Lan the ways of the Chinese while other characters bring in other elements of different cultures.

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This may create some form of controversy in the show. It may be argued that this mix of ideas may end up confusing young children other than educating them. This is because the Mandarin words are hard to pronounce. Moreover, some of the Mandarin words used in conversations between Kai-Lan and her grandfather were not translated.

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