Oggy and The Cockroaches Now on Cartoon Network

The cartoon that is named as Oggy and The Cockroaches is the product from France. This is an excellent cartoon that you would find for children. It has been an animated comedy that most of us have been looking out for. With over 250 episodes that have already been aired in variety of broadcasting channels, you’ll find that this is the show that has been catering to the children, but it is not only limited to this age group. People of all ages have actually been taken interest in watching this cartoon without a feeling any sort of laxity.

Oggy and The Cockroaches

This is a show that is featured on Oggy, a character that happens to be a very fat and lazy blue cat. Unlike Garfield, he would be extremely contented by eating the food from the refrigerator and watching the television to hold the entire day. His life has been made miserable by three cockroaches named Joey, Dee Dee and Marky. This is the entire synopsis of the plot, which may seem very plain but after having played for over 250 episodes, you can certainly understand that there is something that was about the chemistry of the artist that has portrayed this plain character so well.

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From very good mischief that has been played on Oggy every day, the three cockroaches have done nothing throughout their lives. They not only ensured that they create misery for Oggy and compound the entire household into oblivion. The entire cartoon has won the hearts of huge audiences. Due to this reason, it has been internationally broadcasted on a variety of channels all across the world. This way, the cartoon has always been in the lime light and won loads of attention, along with ensuring that they can create a lot of joy for its crazy fans viewing the wonderful cartoon. Oggy and The Cockroaches have been moved from Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network and some of violent scenes in the cartoon have been censored or deleted to make it feasible for all kind of audiences. Now you can Watch Oggy and The Cockroaches on Cartoon Network every Monday to Friday at 03:00 PM IST.

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  1. Oggy and Cockroaches are the best. I think its one of the best thing I ever saw.

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