Olivia : The Popular Anglo-American Cartoon Series for Children

Olivia is a very admired and popular Anglo-American TV series for children which is animation based. The reputed media enterprise Chorion is the producer of this serial of which 33 episodes have been produced and broadcasted so far. The script for the episodes hosted so far has been written by Jill Gorey. The storyline of Olivia that runs from one episode to another is based on children’s books written by Ian Falconer. Children in the USA can watch it on Nickelodeon Junior channel, in the UK and Ireland on Milkshake! Nickelodeon Jr., in Brazil and Latin America on Disney Junior channel and the Treehouse TV channel in Canada.


This cartoon series is one of the most watched animation serials by kids and young children in the countries mentioned above and also been felicitated with the Parents’ Choice Award because of immaculate narration by its entire cast. A realm where all individuals or subjects are pigs forms the backdrop of the episodes. The episodes are based on Olivia, the central character, and her family.


The narrative in each serial are based on ephemeral and mundane complexities of everyday life and how Olivia manages to cope up with such situations and her innovative ways of wriggling out of such situations. The “Rules of Life” are spelled out like a raconteur in almost all episodes. After getting richer in experience in every run of the serial, Olivia sometimes fancies herself to be an artist or an assistant to her mother.

The Cast


Olivia (voice over by Emily Gray) is a 6-year-old intelligent and witty porcine; Ian is her younger sibling; William is the youngest of the siblings; Olivia’s Mom who is in the business of planning parties; Olivia’s Dad, a forgetful architect; the septuagenarian grandmother of Olivia; Uncle Garret; Perry and Edwin, pets of Olivia. Olivia has some good friends who share time and space with her.

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