Perman – A Fun to Watch Cartoon Series.

Perman is a fun to watch cartoon which is shown in Nick or Nickelodeon. Perman is a story of young clumsy boy Mitsuo Suwa who is chosen to be a Perman or in other words Super Man without “Su” in the front. Mitsuo was made Perman by Birdman to safeguard his city from evil and help others. Mitsuo is made Perman by giving him

1) A mask which makes him powerful and increases his strength to about 6600 times.

2) A cape just like super man which enables him to fly at high speeds of up to 119 km/h.

3) A badge which enables him to talk to Birdman and other Perman in case of Emergency and also it helps him breathe under water for hours together.

perman2Mitsuo is said to hide the secret of Perman from his friends and family and hence he is also given a Copy-Robot which becomes like the person who touches his nose so that he can use it during his missions. Mitsuo is a lazy and a below average student in studies but when he become Perman he really gets serious and starts protecting the people and helping them. He becomes very popular and loved by everyone but he is also sad that people knows him as Perman and not as Mitsuo who is the real Perman sometimes he wants to tell everyone the truth but later he realizes the things told by Birdman that he will turn him into animal if he tells this to anyone.

permanLater Mitsuo meets some more Perman who are Booby who is actually a Monkey and who becomes a very good partner of Mitsuo then is the Sumire Hoshino who is a Very popular Singer (Mitsuo has a crush on her) but she doesn’t tell the truth to anyone not even Perman and calls her as Pako who always cares a lot for Mitsuo and even fights with him. The last is the Payan who is hardly seen in the series most probably because he lives in other town. Payan is eager of making money and hence is always busy making money. After he meets all other Perman he continues to save the world with his fellow mates. They all are always together during problems and help each other also in addition to the other people. He also has his friends who are Michiko who is a classmate of Mitsuo and who haves a Crush on Perman and hates Pako as she thinks Pako likes Perman. Sabu and Kabao who are also classmate of Mitsuo. Sabu and Kabao are very good friends with Kabao as master and Sabu as Slave. Kabao is always troubling Mitsuo but he admires Perman a lot. Ganko is Mitsuo’s Younger Sister who always trouble Mitsuo and she is very stubborn most of the time she is found telling her mother bad about Mitsuo but he likes Perman a lot and wished that he was her brother. Mitsuo is often in Problem due to his robot which doesn’t do his home work and from which Mitsuo is punished by his teacher.

bobbyPerman is very famous in India and Many countries Like Japan, Thailand Etc and is shown in Many Languages like Hindi, English, Tamil Etc. Perman games are also very popular. Perman is really a funny toon with action included in it. Do let me know your opinion about Perman.


  1. perman was an excellent show i love paaco i wish to marry her

  2. Why Pako doesnt show her real face to Mitsuo

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