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Cartoon Network might have faced a downfall a long time ago, however with a Canadian animated television shows like ‘Almost Naked Animals,’ the channel has managed to peek to quite an extent.

Shaved animals are what the entire plot of this animated series mainly focuses on. The animals in question are shown sporting only underpants on this animated show and the Banana Cabana, a tropical resort is where the show is set. The uncanny adventures that these almost naked characters set off on, is followed in every episode of this series. Howie, Octo, Bunny, Duck, Piggy, Narwhal, Sloth, which are obvious animal names, which are the main characters of the series, who are frequently joined by Poodle and Batty, as well.

Almost Naked Animals

Some might not find the show’s concept impressive, however Almost Naked Animals has been executed well enough that over it’s almost one year run, children have developed a deep admiration for the show. Adults might consider the characters some sort of mutated, abnormally shaved and naked animals, however for the children they are some of the most funny and hilarious animals they have ever seen.

Almost Naked Animals2

The episodes are random, the characters are truly idiotic, but that is what serves as this animated show’s appeal and in fact Almost Naked Animals actually succeed at entertaining little tykes. The humor in this animated series will leave children laughing their heads off. Adults might not find Almost Naked Animals as appealing because of its childish nature; however children all over the world have fallen in love with the series. Play Almost Naked Animals Games Online by visiting the link below.

Almost Naked Animals Games

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