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Kim Possible, Which is being aired on Disney Channel is a well renowned animation series, named after its central character Kim, a teenage girl who has taken upon herself the task of standing in the way of the evil designs of Doctor Drakken, a villainous character determined to attain domination over the world in any which way possible. Apart from being involved in these heroic deeds, Kim is also faced with day to day issues that plague the life of any normal teenager. The multi dimensional setting to the series contributes a lot to the world wide popularity it enjoys. The show is presented in such a manner so as to not let the intense action dominate. Rather it is a very impressive combination of action and light hearted atmosphere, sometimes even getting a bit satirical about the cliché’s involved with detectives and similar sorts.


The story begins in a town called Middleton with the central characters Kim and her aide Ron studying in the tenth grade. The duo ventures on multiple sojourns to foil the evil plans of their adversaries like Doctor Drakken, his companion Shego, Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, Señor Senior, Sr. and Jr., and Professor Dementor. All these villains have their own style, some more successful than the others, and all with different motives that lead them to commit baneful deeds. One thing common between them is that every time, they find Kim between them and their designs. A USP of this series is the ingenuity and creativity with which the characters have been introduced. The show has evolved since it first burst on to the television screens in June, 2002. There is a little anecdote about the conception of this series. The chief architects of the project, Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley are said to have thought of the whole idea while descending down through an elevator! Thankfully, there has been nothing like a free fall to the show. In fact, it has sustained itself for four successful seasons, and still has its fans all over the world. You can Play Kim Possible Games Online by visiting the link below.

Kim Possible Games

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