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After the success of the new animated series like Osomatsu Kun and Chor Police. Hungama TV is back with a brand new cartoon series named Kya Bakra Hai. But unlike Shin Chan, Kochikame, Osomatsu Kun and Doraemon this series seems to be original and not dubbed from Japanese manga or anime. Kya Bakra Hai is a clean cartoon which can be seen by children of all ages. It is based on how Fox tries to catch sheep to eat it and how sheep escapes from the fox.

kya bakra hai hungama tv

Normally, When we used to watch fox-sheep cartoons. The sheep were mindless and saved by a dog from the wicked fox. But here the scene is entirely different the sheep goes to school, play soccer and do all type of stuffs the human does and the fox is very foolish who always tries to catch the sheep but fail miserably. The fox has a dominating wife who is always cursing him and asking him to get her sheep. But he fails every time and is punished by his wife.

Kya Bakra Hai is a great cartoon which is very funny and have awesome Hindi dialogues like Darling mai bakriya le aaya and many more. I personally love to watch this cartoon because of Tilo, He is a great character in the whole cartoon series. Overall it’s a fun filled cartoon series with lots of adventure involved and you can watch it on Hungama TV at 08:30 AM IST. Play Kya Bakra Hai Games Online by visiting the link below.

Kya Bakra Hai Games

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