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TaleSpin is an American Animated television series which was aired on Disney Channel and Toon Disney. TaleSpin is basically based on a fictional city name Cape Suzette, a harbor which has a small openings to get inside the city and is guarded by armed forces to safeguard it from air pirates. The main character of the series is Baloo, who looks similar to the one in Disney’s The Jungle Book and he is shown as an excellent pilot in the series but he is very lazy, weird, clumsy and always broke due to this he also looses Baloo’s Air Service which is his cargo business and it is purchased by Rebecca Cunningham ( A.K.A Ritu ) and is renamed "Higher for Hire” by her. She appoints him as a staff member which he disagrees at the starting but because of his aircraft “Sea Duck” which he loves a lot he agrees to stay as a staff member.


Baloo is accompanied by an orphan and an ambitious guy named Kit Cloudkicker, who is a former air pirate but he becomes really close to Baloo and also becomes his navigator. Kit usually calls Baloo as “Papa Bear” and they form an emotional bond inbetween them. The Staff also has a mechanic Wildcat, who is extremely intelligent but sadly doesn’t understand what he is doing. The Series continues with ups and downs in the Higher for Hire and Baloo when he encounters Don Karnage, who is the leader of the air pirate and the commander of the massive ship known as Iron Vulture. He is shown as a wolf and is very cruel at the same time is very foolish type of a wolf. Most of time Baloo escapes due to Don Karnage’s foolishness and then there is Shere Khan who adds to Baloo’s misery who is actually a businessman. He is the strongest and the richest man in the series. He has the control over the whole city and owns most of the city. He loves to take small companies out of the business like Higher for Hire. He is very arrogant and humorless person. Everyone are scared of him.


Louie, who is always in Hawaiian shirt and is a fun loving monkey. He is the best friend of Baloo as shown in many episodes. These all characters make the series even more fantastic. Personally, I can’t wait for TaleSpin Episodes to be aired again on Disney channel. Lets hope it happen soon. Till then you can Play TaleSpin Games Online by visiting the link below.

TaleSpin Games Online


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    Do u have any idea as to how i can get a hindi version of Talesping series 1,2 and 3??? dont suggest me indiamart-coz its not available there. I need a source from whom i can buy these. I’ve searched all over the internet but couldnt find it,except for where its damn expensive. Please help.

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