Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is probably a household name today. In fact, the entire plot and story of this innovative animated series is probably the best a teenager can get. This animated series created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas is aired on Disney XD and the show was hosted for the first time in September, 2012. However, apart from the basic introduction of this innovative series, there is indeed much more to it. Simply glance along the text below to grab an insight to the plot and characters of this unique animated series.

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

The plot of this unique tele-series is indeed very innovative. The series unfolds the story of Norisville, which is a town protected by the Ninjas for 800 years. Yes! You’ve read right, each selected Ninja is supposed to rule over and protect the town, and this procedure is continuing for a period of almost 8 decades. However, there is one secret about the town which the citizens here is unaware of about. This secret deals with the fact that the Ninjas are selected every four years accordingly. Now, with the quirk of fate Randy Cunningham a 9th grader turns out to be the next ninja. Randy is thus, given the responsibility to protect his motherland from the evil influence of goons and ‘the sorcerer’. Moreover, to add to his problems, the sorcerer comes with his allies, Hannibal McFist and William Viceroy, and the trio execute treacherous plans to destroy the town of Norisville. However, their plans are always marred by the intelligence of Cunningham, who implements ample measures to keep his hometown and its citizens safe and sound.

Randy Cunningham

Well, as suggestive from the plot, this series is innately intriguing and teenagers thoroughly enjoy this show. As mentioned earlier, the show was aired in 2012. However, even after a year, the popularity and craze over this show did not decrease to any extent. The unique idea of this TV series aptly lures many youngsters to watch and enjoy the surrealism and fantasy of this show. In fact, the characters with their uniqueness and innovation take you to a completely different world of fantasy and ninjas. Moreover, the Goth themes, unique ideas and brilliant animation makes this show all the more popular.

Randy Cunningham2

Randy Cunningham comes with a series of characters each of who are unique and widely popular. One of the most popular characters of this show is Howard Weinerman who is Randy’s best buddy. Weinerman has an innate thrill for ninjas and when he comes to know that Cunningham is a Ninja himself, he is completely ‘gaga’ over him. However, Howard is selfish at times, but deeply and truly treasures his friendship. Cunningham too is told to not delve into attachments like friendship. Yet, notwithstanding those ideas, he too loves his friend dearly and celebrates the teen spirit of friendship. On the whole, this entire television series is amazing and with its unique elements of fantasy and surrealism which again, rules over the hearts of many young ‘ninja lovers’.

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