Ratz – A Frenetic Comedy about Two Rats

French Television can be seen as kings of culture, where producers turn unpolished shows into culture inspiring pop series. It should not come to any one as a surprise that French animators are also one of the best in the world, although they are much eclipsed by the Japanese counterparts. They had produced many timeless animated classics like Oggy and the Cockroaches, and today, this review will be about another one of French’s best comedic cartoon, Ratz.

Ratz Hungama TV

Unlike many comedic cartoons which contain a lot of coarse and rude languages, Ratz is specially catered to the young. The 2 cute rats, the tall Rapido and short Razmo, are endearing to kids especially with their actions and antics, meaning your kids will surely love them on their goofy adventures. They live inside a ship, called the S.S Wanderer, which transport cheese to seemingly nowhere (they‘d never reach any actual destination). The 2 of them mostly interact with the crew of the ship, with 3 major humans being of particular interest to the 2 small rats. They are the Captain, Svetlana the Engineer, and the Chef who is seemingly Japanese or Chinese. Ratz regularly run for 22 minutes, with 11 minutes given to each episode, meaning that there are 2 episodes inside 1 showing.


Graphics inside Ratz is not great, but good enough for regular watching. They are not in high definition or detailed like the Japanese Counterparts, although Ratz’s type of animation does suit the genre of comedy. The cartoon also feature some use of three dimensional animations. Whenever the 2 rats board their very own ratboard, a vehicle which transports them around the big ship, you will be able to experience how it moves and the angles behind it, making scenes better with those camera angles. Colors inside of the show are also vibrant, with the 2 rats being distinguishable due to their blue and red clothing. The rest of the crew is the same, for example, the captain has a large white beard.

The comedy inside of Ratz is also refreshing. The 2 Ratz constantly mock each other and the rest of the crew, with the voice acting inside of the show being hilarious. Each cast member has their own unique voice which is very funny. The sound effects inside of Ratz will also be bound to tickle your funny bone, with it using a wide array of sound effects to portray every different scene inside.


Overall, I feel that Ratz is a great comedy for the young and you may even like it if you are of an older age. With its quirky graphics and memorable and unique characters, you will grow fond of Ratz soon. The adventures which the 2 rats go on are also funny and with 52 episodes in its arsenal, you will take long to finish it. I will rate the cartoon at a high 7.5 / 10. Ratz will be aired on Hungama TV in India from 08 October, 2012 with a Hindi dubbing being available there.

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