Sazae San

Sazae San was first published in Japan local newspaper then it was converted into a cartoon strip and cartoon series. Sazae San is one of the oldest and longest running Japanese cartoon series which is known my everyone in Japan whether he is young, old or teenagers.

sazaesanSazae San is still being shown in Japan at 06:30 PM and hopefully it will be featured in Hungama TV soon. Sazae San the young lady in starting is interested in doing make up and dressing up nicely for her future husband. The show depicts the life in Japan after the Second World War. Sazae San stays with her parents, young sister and brother, husband, her son and her pet cat (Tama), who hates mice.

sazae-sanSazae San is an excellent show which shows how the young lady who is selfish in some matters lives her life. Sazae San is a very cute cartoon and as everyone knows cute cartoons are on demand like Asari chan, Shin chan Etc . The cartoon series was started by Fuji Television and is still handled by them. The sponsors are Toshiba and hence the appliances shown in the show are of Toshiba which is kind of funny. Sazae San episodes were aired in radio too and was a great success too.

Sazae San is very nice cartoon series and one of the finest cartoon series ever made. I hope it will be soon seen in India too .

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