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Scaredy Squirrel is a character of children’s book series and the TV series is currently being aired on Disney XD and Cartoon Network. The story of all the series revolves around the same plot where Scaredy recognizes his fears and somehow finds a solution to overcome those fears. The squirrel is accompanied by an emergency kit that rescues him when faced by a threat. The fears that Scaredy is exposed to, bring slight changes to his daily routine. It is written by Melaine Watt and published by Kids Can Press. The first sequel came in 2006.

Scaredy Squirrel

The second sequel appeared next year in March 2007. In this, Scaredy has realized the importance of friends and decided to find one who is free of germs, teeth and unpredictability. He planned vigorously to search a friend and found one but he is not what squirrel was looking for.

Scaredy Squirrel2

The third series hits the store in 2008 and is a complete fun book, in which Scaredy has decided to enjoy the sun at the beach in a germ-free zone. The Scaredy has a plan B through which he can save himself from all the disasters that the sea and its inhabitant can cause.

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The fourth sequel was published in 2009. In this part, the squirrel fears from dreaming monsters and has decided not to fall asleep. But one night he had to go to sleep to make his dream come true as foretold in his horoscope.

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The last series of the book appeared in 2011. In this part, the squirrel fears of arranging a big birthday party. But as the story moves on Scaredy is surprised by a birthday cake sent by his buddy. To return the favor he invites his friend who comes with a bunch of dogs that brought him a lot more fun. Play Scaredy Squirrel Games Online or Watch Scaredy Squirrel Videos Online by visiting the links below.

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