Sheep in the Big City : An Amazing Comedy Series

Sheep in the big city is a comical play starred from November 4, 2000 to April 7, 2002 in Cartoon Network. It’s the story of a sheep born in a suburb that went into hands of its mentor, Farmer John, who is need to seize the Sheep back again after the sheep breaks away from its home. The general Specific, an unrelenting general of military that turns to the Sheep for acquiring access to sheep powered Ray Gun. Despite his very best efforts, the general never backs down from pursuing the Sheep. When subjected to hot pursuits by his antagonist, the sheep makes efforts to stay clear from being captured and evades permanent incarceration. The general Specific often bents on hearing to characters like Angry Scientist, Private public and the Plot Machine to capture the Sheep.

sheep in the big city

Consequently, Sheep opted for acquiring friends among the enemies, a black sheep named x agent that assists him evading the pursers. Although the Sheep decides to live alone among his friends but has lovers like Swanky the Poodle, who is fond of the Sheep.

sheep in the big city2

The series is a conventional drama /cartoon series for all the ages especially the kids. The series has led to produce two sequels and 20 episodes in each sequel. As the series serves as a comedy with adventure for the viewers but the biggest spell that it cast on the viewers is the depiction of the characters either Protagonists or Antagonist in nature. All in all Sheep in the big city is a light weighted comical comedy to watch.

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