Shin Chan Movie: The Spy

If you absolutely love the quirkiness and naughtiness of Shin Chan, then, keep your fingers crossed for the latest and super intriguing series of crayon Shin Chan. This flick was released in Hungama TV on 8th June 2013, and, since then, it has ruled over the hearts of one and all. In fact, the quirkiness of Shin Chan, coupled with the smart dialogues and catchy storyline made this flick all the more popular. Till date, we all are aware of the adventurous operations of Shin Chan. However, with Crayon Shin Chan, his adventures have taken an absolutely new leap with an engrossing storyline and power-packed animation.

Shin Chan The Spy

The story unfolds with the advent of Lemon, who shows Shin Chan a message from Action Kamen. It is then seen, that Shin Chan ties up with Lemon and they soon start an innovative and enthralling journey of spy training. They turn out to be highly popular and successful in their trainings, when they receive action mission from the super powerful Action Kamen. It has been mentioned in the mission, that the evil Doctor has stolen the special capsule of Action Kamen which has to be retrieved in a jiffy. You will be absolutely glued to the screen with Shin Chan’s quirky dialogues and interesting action sequences.; In fact, throughout the flick you will experience an amazing journey with Shin Chan, Lemon and Action Kamen’s spy training. Moreover, the entire idea of this film is innately novel. No Shin Chan fan has probably seen him before in such an action-packed avatar. Shin Chan too fits in this interesting avatar perfectly, and keeps everyone amazed with his power packed ideas. All in all, this flick is surely a superbly enticing one. And, if you really love Shin Chan, then don’t miss its repeats which will be soon aired on Hungama TV itself.


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    there’s lots of cartoons in hungama channel example doraemon , pokemon , perman,
    shin chan, chacha batija exectra

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