Super Sentai : A Brand New Series on Hungama TV

Super Sentai series is produced by Toei Co.Ltd production in Japan and will be aired on Hungama TV. Super Sentai series are Tokusatsu based. Tokusatsu means shows and movies that deal with superheroes and monsters.

super Sentai

Power Ranger is also called as Super Sentai in Japan as It is basically a superhero show. The characters are Cyborg (half robot and half human) covered in metallic frame and they use their powers to fight against evil and Aliens. These series have been entertaining kids for decade’s especially teenagers. These series are mainly aimed for children featuring live action characters and colorful special effects.

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All the series are set upon the fight between evil and good, resulting in good side winning most of the times. In most of the series it is seen that five super hero appear wearing colorful merchandise using advance weapons and gaining special power to battle against powerful monsters and other planets threatening to take over the earth.

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The concept was originally designed in Japanese language. Later it was dubbed and broadcasted in several languages like Korean, Filipino and so on except in English. It was due to the Japanese nature of Sentai’s stories and design. The American shows are slightly changed to fit Western Audience.


It is one of the best source materials for Power Ranger in the west. Each series is set on its own reality. The image is sharp and clear. All the music, dialogue and the sound effects come through loud and clear sound quality. A fun series, solid picture and sound quality make this a winner series. Play Super Sentai Games Online by visiting the link below.

Super Sentai Games

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