Sword Art Online: Where Games Clash With Reality

Sword Art Online tells a story of a sci-fi world where people from around the world can participate in a game appropriately called Sword Art Online by using a fictional helmet called the Nerve Gear to simulate the 5 senses of the brain. Unexpectedly, all the players are stuck inside the world of Sword Art Online and they must reach the 100th level to defeat the boss to free themselves. The main character, Kirito, is a veteran in Sword Art Online and he is determined to beat the game with his other friends and parties, like his love interest, Asuna. However, the game comes with a requirement, if they die inside game, they will die in real life.

Sword Art Online

At first glance, the game seems to be depraved of morality. Trapping people inside a game with death is not something that a normal person can fathom. However, it is precisely that, that people are sucked into watching this thrilling anime. The characters are highly interesting and well developed as the story goes on. You will follow a very strong main character where you will be able to skip all the training and learning as in other animes like Naruto or Bleach.

Sword Art Online2

The visuals of the anime are also highly commendable with every action move bought out smoothly and well designed. The shadows and the glow of the characters are carefully planned out and animated with the eyes facing the direction they are supposed to. Background characters or characters that are forgettable are also properly designed with no effort wasted on their design which sets each other apart. Props have gone to the animators who tolled tirelessly on this project.

Sword Art Online3

The music of the game is also very fitting and power packed with famous artists in Japan who had built a name for themselves like Haruka Tomatsu who has been in the industry for 4 years and running. She is also the voice actress for Asuna. The anime starts with a few side stories up till episode eight, where those side stories developed the characters and emotions of our heroes and heroines. It also introduces to us some of the other pivotal characters who will appear in the 2nd arc other than the 2 who appears in every episode and introduces to us the world of Aincrad.

Sword Art Online4

However, I do not like how the story of the anime is paced. Sword Art Online is adapted from a Light Novel meaning the directors can extract their plot from a book. There are story cuts here and there in the anime which doesn’t coincide with the novel itself and there is evident rushing. Another part of the anime which I feel that isn’t right is the side stories. They do not lead up to a bigger plot and slows down the pace of the story and there will be a side story slotted into the middle of the main story.

All in all, I feel that Sword Art Online will be a worthy watch for anyone who likes romance, action and fantasy, but be warned about the tiresome side stories in the beginning of the show.


  1. Liaqat-ali says

    So good Anim i just love it.
    And a Good Love Story

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