Tao The Little Wizard

Hungama TV, an Indian kids channel started a new 3D animation series “Tao the little wizard” on 7th march, 2012 at 7.00am. It is specially designed for the children by the co -production of Ten Peng china studio and G&G Korean entertainment. The Hungama TV has been inaugurated in the year 2004 as a subordinate of renowned UTV Software Communications and was purchased by Disney channel in the year 2006.

Tao The Little Wizard

Hungama TV is the second biggest kids channel of India which provides the complete kids’ entertainment for 17 hours. The most important thing about this channel is the Tamil and Telugu language feeds below the cartoon shows.

Tao The Little Wizard2

After the success of hosting the two popular Japanese comedy shows Shin Chan and Doraemon, they are going to start Tao the little wizard, featuring Tao, a little common boy of immense curiosity and power. Being an ancient wizard’s descendant, he was provided with the crane for his beloved parents. The series also includes a bit spice by delivering a magical brush to Tao. He can draw anything from this magical brush and it turns into the real objects. The story takes a new turn when he receives a letter from the Wizard school in order to become a popular wizard.

Tao The Little Wizard

The story moves away by showing the good and bad experiences in Tao’s life during the school time period. A mix and match of entertaining situations with the friends and foes, makes the story more interesting for the children. Now it remains undecided that whether Tao, the little wizard will become a greatest wizard. So, do watch Tao the little Wizard on Hungama TV to explore that what will going to happen in Tao’s life!

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