Team Umizoomi – Mathematics Made Easy for Preschoolers

The kinds of TV series produced for kids (between ages 2 and 6) have undergone a lot of change over the years. While some time ago most series were based on entertainment more than anything else, today’s series tend to have more educational leanings as well. Team Umizoomi is one such program for the preschool age that is garnering rave reviews among many parents. The series airs on Nickelodeon Junior or Nick Jr.

The Plot


The series takes place in Umi city. The kids often take aid from some superheroes even if there is an instance of City facing any troubles. Among these superheroes are Geo (Ethan Kempner), Milli (Sophia Fox) and their robot, Bot (Donovan Patton). No problem is unsolvable for the group as they unleash the power of mathematics with help of their viewer friends. In the process, they travel to every part of their wonderful and colorful city, Umi.

Why the Format is Such a Hit?

Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi has gathered a loyal fan following very quickly and the reason for this can be solely attributed to its innovative format. The series focuses on making math fun for preschoolers. Its delightful concept ensures that kids in the said age group learn real life applications of math through measuring, spatial relations and of course, counting. This practical attribute of the show is what most excites the parents.

Because of the age group at which the show is targeted, an interactive format was a must. And the show managed to deliver that in a fine manner. Team Umizoomi keeps kids engaged brilliantly as they help solve the problems that are encountered by the characters of the series. Along the way, the kids also get to fine-tune their color identification and shape recognition skills.

Although there are quite a few shows that enhance the counting and measuring skills of kids, Team Umizoomi is unique in the sense that comparatively complex mathematics concepts like geometry and spatial relations are introduced to them in an easy manner.

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