Teletubbies – A Cartoon for Your Toddler

Teletubbies is a show which was designed for children below the age of five years. It is characterized by brightly colored characters who are toddlers themselves. The four include Po, the youngest in the group. She is red in color and has a small body. Tinky Winky is the oldest Teletubby who is purple in color and carries a bag which is said to be a magic bag. Dipsy, named after the shape of his antennae which looks like a dipstick, is colored green. His character is that of a stubborn Teletubby who often differs with the opinions of the other Teletubbies. Lastly, Laa Laa, a girl Teletubby who is bright yellow in color. In the Teletubbies episodes she is depicted as caring, loves dancing and singing like most of the girls.


The setting of the show is in an imaginary land,in a dome called the Tubbytronic Superdome. The sun in this land has a baby face on it. The voices of the Teletubbies resemble those of a toddler who is just learning to speak. According to the writer, the show was solely to educate toddlers through elements in their environment to trigger cognitive behavior in them. These include the use of bright colors as well as simple lessons taught through the actions of the Teletubbies such as painting or singing.


The show however faced great controversy as critics analyzed each of the characters and the entire elements of the show. They claimed that Tinky Winky represented homosexuals, arguing that his color and the fact that he carries a bag are directly correlated to homosexuals. Moreover, the inverted triangle antennae on Tinky Winky was closely associated with gay pride. Other points of controversy included the fact that the show had a very large following among young adults. The critics implied this to be some sort of cult. These concerns led to the cancellation of production after 365 episodes were produced.

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