The Best Toon Ever Made – Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is one of the most recognized fictional/cartoon characters of America that starred in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies animated film series. Bugs Bunny is the leader of the mascot of Warner Bros.

He first appeared in the Cartoon ‘A Wild Hare’. He was named as the cartoon character of all the times by a TV Guide. He is one of the smartest cartoons in the universe that constantly outwits his opponent. He is powerful when he is nice and gets his power disappeared when he tries to be evil.


Basically this series was initiated decades ago; an unnamed rabbit bearing some personality first appeared in the cartoon porky’s Hare Hunt on April 30, 1938. Cal Dalton has got the credit for the initial design of the rabbit. Bugs appeared in his full developed form on july27, 1940, in an animated series ‘A Wild Hare’ directed by Tex Avery. The cartoon Knighty Knight in 1958, won the Academy Award for Animation. The cartoons of Warner Brother are known as ‘Looney Tunes’.


Bugs Bunny is very popular among kids; children watch all the series of him with much interest. He was a cocky; wisecracking and good hearted hare; he constantly munched carrots through out the series and his trademark line is ‘what’s up, Doc. He combated Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and others in animated short films. Bugs were the first cartoon character to appear in a postage stamp, and he is the main character of the Looney Tunes series. They starred in 163 shorts in the Golden Age of American Animation.


Following are the names of the voice actors of the series for the seventy years.

Mel Blanc, Jeff Bergman, Greg Burson, Billy West and some others recorded their voices for the Bugs Bunny to make it successful.

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