The story of Zig and Sharko

Zig and Sharko is a television program which is currently being aired on Nickelodeon. It is an animated French serial that has 78 episodes each of seven minutes. This show is directed by Xilam studios, known for producing animated series like Space Goofs and, Oggy and the Cockroaches. This series was first broadcasted on Canal+. The story revolves around five characters. Zig is a villain hyena who lives on an abandoned volcano island while Marina is a female leading character mermaid who lives at the bottom of the sea but during the day spends her time on a rock. Then there is Sharko who is a shark always eager to protect Marina and his little friend Bernie, a hermit crab. King Neptune is the king of the sea and is attracted to Marina for her beauty.

Zig and Sharko

The plot of the series is that Zig always tries to catch Marina and Bernie for his meal. He has planned every kind of scheme but always fail to trap Marina as Sharko always arrives to save Marina. Sharko acts a knight for her as he is in love with her and is always prepared to rescue her.

Zig and Sharko2

The play is aired on Nickelodeon India in Hindi where the characters have their voices. The voiceover of Zig is done by Saif Ali Khan whereas Sunny Deol gives his voice to Sharko. Nandita Sharma is the beautiful mermaid Marina in the series. Bernie who is known as circuit in the Indian series has his voice from Arshad Warsi. The Commentary is done by Nana Patekar. It’s a wonderful animated series and a must watch cartoon. Do you Watch Zig and Sharko ? Do leave your comments here.

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