The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Show is a reality TV show for children starring David Collins and Shane Dundas that is screened on Nick Jr. Australia, ABC Australia, and Noggin. The director for this reality show is Alec Greenwalt who has also written the script, and till date 13 episodes for the first season have been broadcast on different channels in Australia and USA during daytime. Sesame Workshop, the reputed media company, had developed the first 13 episodes for Alec Greenwalt that was aired in 2005-2006. The 2nd season of The Upside Down Show started from 3rd September, 2012. David Collins and Shane Dundas are siblings on the show and they share space in a weird house consisting of curious rooms.

The Cast

The Upside Down Show2

The show has won many awards like the Logie Award, Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Award, and a Silver Parents’ Choice Award for TV. The cast for The Upside Down Show consists of the protagonists Shane Dundas, David Collins, and Mrs. Foil, Puppet, The Schmuzzies, Fido The Fly, Action Fingers, Bob The Blanket, The Voice, and Spot The Chair.

The Episode Format

The Upside Down Show

In all the runs of the show, either one or both the brothers are seen engaged in some sort of activity which more often than not, is typically unrealistic. The audience can make out that David is pretending to hold “The Remote” and reiterates the activities on the screen that can be remote controlled. A demonstration is given which is executed by him that regulates Shane’s actions. The ‘fast-forward, ‘pause’, and the ‘wild-card buttons’ like the ‘humongous’ and the ‘minute’ buttons. In time, David offers ‘The Remote’ to the audience so that they can control the actions themselves. The opening credits are screened when the audience presses the “Just Press Play” button with the Action Fingers poised on the title in a “Down Upside” position. Pointy, with help from Action Fingers revert it back to “Upside Down” position and then ride on the credits to get to a door that opens to usher David Collins and Shane Dundas, and expresses that this show was conceptualized by the screen brothers and Belinda Ward.

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