Tokyo Pig : Let the Imagination Come to Life

Tokyo Pig is a popular TV show in Japan. It is completely animated and looks similar to shows like Pokemon. It has been translated into English and is now shown in countries like the United States and United Kingdom. It is also shown in China but with the name Sunny Pig. Tokyo Pig has also been translated into Hindi and will be aired on Hungama TV.

The Name Tokyo Pig

Tokyo Pig

This is actually the American name for the show. The Japanese show is named Hare Tokidoki Buta. The show originates from a book by Shiro Yadama called Fair, then Partly Pig. This was translated into English sometime after becoming popular by author Keith Holeman.

The story is about a young boy who makes things come to life through his drawings. At first, he draws numerous pigs but attempts to erase them from the page – thus erasing them from life – before he is caught by his parents. He misses one pig from the page and this pig turns into his friend. He is called Sunny Pig. The two go on adventures together with the boy’s magic diary, where he draws everything to become real.

The Length of the Show

Tokyo Pig2

The show only ran for 61 episodes between 1997 and 1998 in Japan but remains popular with children. The United States started airing it in 2002 just airing the 61 episodes in a translated version.

Let the Imagination Come to Life

tokyo pig hungama tv

The benefit of the show is that it encourages children to let their imaginations come to life. The boy imagines things and draws them, so they come to life and he and Sunny can have adventures. It encourages children to be creative, which is excellent for development.

It is a very simply program and easy for children to follow. There are no intricate plot lines, which lead to children getting bored and switching the show off. Anything can happen, which leaves children entertained for the whole episode. Tokyo Pig just uses two simple things – a magic diary and a boy’s imagination. It is all based on books, which offers children the chance to read more about the adventures.

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