Tony & Alberto – The Miraculous Duo

If you are interested in getting into an animation series that can provide you with excellent entertainment as well as ensure that you would be able to get into the lives of two goofy buddies that are out to create and make life hell for each other, then you need to tune into Nickelodeon, at about 6:30 PM from July 16. Tony & Alberto would be there to greet you, and ensure that you would be able to get a lot of fun extracted from this cartoon series.

Tony & Alberto

The show is about Tony, which happens to be a free willed boy, for whom playground knows no boundaries. Competitive by nature, it has always been Tony’s nature to ensure that he never loses in any sort of battle, be it in the playground, or in his home. He likes to make friends with animals, and girls to him are not something alluring, but rather monsters that have pigtails on them.


Albert happens to be his yellow talking dog, who happens to be the exact opposite of Tony in every way possible. Under their collective influence, you would find that the entire show would bring about an explosive and dynamic duo that can not only rock the entire television screen, but can ensure that they would take you to ride of your lifetime. With a variety of secret weapons and the initiative to travel to places that are not within any sort of boundaries has been the lifelong ambition of Tony & Alberto.

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