Top 10 Must Watch Cartoons

I have Discussed About various kinds of cartoons till now . Here are some of the cartoons which are very good and are top rated by many sites and users. The Cartoons are placed in Random order and it has nothing to do with the rankings of the cartoons . All the cartoons below are top and their is nothing like No. 1 etc .

Top 10 Cartoons :

1. Shin Chan

– I have posted various posts about Shin Chan . Shin Chan actually is a Great cartoon and i personally think everyone should watch it . It vanishes all your tensions and makes you laugh out loud and all of us know Laughter is the best medicine so watch Shin Chan and keep smiling.

shin chan

2. Doraemon

I haven’t posted about Doraemon yet . But ill soon be posting some great stuffs about Doraemon. Doraemon is a story of a Futuristic Robotic Cat from 22nd century which is invented by the grand children of Nobita Nobi to help his grandfather . So the Doraemon travels the time to the time when Nobita Nobi is a school boy and solves his problems with 22nd century gadgets which are really awesome. A very good cartoon to watch and a very famous cartoon in Asian countries.


3. Kochikame

Kochikame is also a great cartoon generally meant for teenagers and adults which depicts the life story of a police officer Kochikame who is very strong and weird looking man who is a very greedy man and is always looking to make quick money . The story continues with Kochikame creating problems for his Boss and other Police officers .


4 . Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is a story of a young boy who loves soccer a lot and wants to be the best soccer player in the world . He is very determined towards soccer and does it all what it takes to make him top soccer player in the world. Captain Tsubasa again is a very famous cartoon series in Asia and teaches a person that if you have determination to do it nothing can stop you.


5. Pokemon

Pokemon doesn’t need any introduction . The story of Ash how he becomes the Top Pokemon Trainer and the Pocket monster how they live and grow.


6. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a very old cartoon which is watched by people of all ages from long time . The story of a cat (TOM) and a mouse (JERRY) how they both fight and destroy the things around them . A very good cartoon series famous Worldwide.

tom and jerry

7. Dragon Ball z

Dragon Ball z is one of the top rated cartoon series which was ever seen in TV. It is a story Dragons balls . The Dragon Ball are crystal ball which has a very powerful dragon in them . If all are collected and dragon is released it can make a wish come true . Any wish in this matter . Life or Death. It also has a character Goku who tries to find these balls to save his friends Life.


8. Mr. Bean

– Mr. Bean a very funny Cartoon Series . I am sure you all must have seen Mr. bean for sure . The story of a Man Bean who is some what crazy and amazes people from his crazy activities.

mr bean

9. Perman

Perman is a great cartoon series which is based on story of a young kid Perman who gets these powers after wearing all his stuffs.

1) A mask which increases physical strength 6600 times.

2) a cape for flying in the sky at 119 km/h,

3) a badge which enables him to communicate with other Perman and breathe underwater using the oxygen tank,

4) An X-ray light to see distance object in dark.

just like Superman he is also a person with great powers and his name is derived by removing Su from Superman. Yet another great cartoon series.


10. Ben 10

I recently posted about Ben 10 . Story of a Boy who gets the Omnitrix which can transform him to any alien in this universe . A very famous cartoon series World Wide .

ben 10

So here are all the Top 10 Must Watch Cartoons . I hope you like Them . Don’t forget to leave your comments after watching them.

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